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Auto Clicker is a tool to automate mouse clicks. OP Auto Clicker is compatible with Windows11, Windows 10, MAC & Android without root access.

Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker is an automation tool that lets users automate mouse clicks.

It is perfectly compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and other 64-bit systems.

It is a tool that auto-clicks the mouse extremely quickly.

Keyboard keys or mouse buttons can be used as the trigger.

Position the mouse, then hit the start button to initiate the auto-clicking processing.

Auto Clicker

With Auto Clicker, users can automate any task of repeatedly clicking on a particular point on the screen.
You can also automate the keyboard keys using this tool.

GS Auto Clicker is another tool that can free you from repetitive mouse-clicking work and lets you automate all the mouse clicks at set intervals.

Another clicker named OG Auto Clicker is an innovative tool that helps users win all the games and complete any other repetitive clicking tasks quickly.

It offers full automation to perform mouse clicks.

It lets you automatically click or swipe anywhere on the screen with set custom durations.

Auto Clicker tools use either a keyboard key or a mouse button as the trigger.

Users can position the mouse, and hit a single key to click up to 9999 times per second.

Download and install AutoClicker right now for free and save your precious time!


  • Clicks up to 9999 times per second
  • Start clicking with a keyboard key or mouse button
  • Left, middle, and right mouse clicks simulation
  • Automatically stop clicking after a set number of clicks
  • Follow the cursor or click at a fixed location
  • Set the number of clicks or leave as unlimited
  • Choose a mouse button to click
  • Single clicker, double clicker, or triple clicker tools
  • Set the hotkeys
  • Hotkey clicking in the background
  • Settings are saved automatically
  • Save the last fixed spot
  • Free
  • Open Source
  • Clean User Interface
  • Low CPU usage
  • Portable tool
  • No ads
  • No Malware
  • Virus Free

Auto-Clicker is a robust software tool that can easily automate all repetitive and redundant mouse clicks.

It can automatically click on images, texts, or icons when a specific key is pressed.

These automatic clicks can either be generated automatically or manually activated.

The clicker works in two modes, either on a dynamic cursor location or a selected cursor location.

Let’s dive into the detailed guide for using the op auto clicker the right way.

Auto-Clickers are 100% safe, secure, and easy-to-use automation tools.

It automates and simplifies clicking tasks like in-game playing or mouse-clicking, etc.

Some of the best Auto Clickers are OP AutoClicker, AutoInput AutoClicker, Tapping AutoClicker, AnkuLua AutoClicker, etc.

AutoClicker is a robust software so it does not require any coding and also has easy-to-use click recording features.

You can simply download the tool and get started with your work right away.

Step-1: Click on the ‘Add Robot’ button to add the Auto Clicker’s macro.

Step 2: Mention the point at the screen to click by moving the cursor to the targeted place and pressing any key from the keyboard. This particular location will get updated in the “Add Robot” window.

Step 3: Click the “Click Interval” spin button and set the interval between two clicks. A lesser value of the Click Interval results in faster clicks.

Step-4: Mention the Click Type of the click, left-click, right-click, double-click, release the click, click and hold.

Step-5: Click on the ‘Add Click’ button to add it to the clicker’s macro.

Step-6: In case, you need to add more mouse clicks, then repeat the same above process.

Step-7: When you are done adding all the mouse clicks, mention the robot name, initialize the hotkey, and repeat the macro. The Macro can run any number of times or it can keep running until you press the preset keyboard shortcut key.

Step-8: Now save the macro to the list. Tick mark the box so that when the Start Hotkey is pressed, the auto-clicker should start. And, when the end key is pressed, the auto-clicker should stop.

Hotkey Setting

Users can easily change the Hotkey settings by doing the following:

  • Open the OP Auto Clicker
  • Go to the Hotkey Setting
  • Click the Start/Stop button
  • Choose the hotkey by pressing any key you want on the keyboard
  • The typed key is now the new hotkey

OP Auto Clicker

OP Auto Clicker Updated

OP Auto Clicker is a full-fledged AutoClicker that supports two modes of auto-clicking.

  1. Dynamic Cursor Location
  2. Prespecified Cursor Location

It can be used at the dynamic cursor location as well as at a prespecified cursor location.

Users can also set the maximum amount of clicks can or leave it as infinite.

Hotkeys for this great Auto Clicker tool work in the background for user convenience.

OP Auto Clickers support multiple mouse action automation at once.

OP AutoClicker

  • User settings including the last fixed location are now saved from the last session so you only need to set them once.
  • Double-clicking and triple-clicking options
  • Right-clicking and middle-clicking options

OP AutoClicker

  1. Users can change the hotkeys!
  2. More options added

Auto Clicker for mac | OP AutoClikcer 2.1

OP Auto Clicker
  • Hotkeys
  • Clicking Modes
  • Clicking Time
  • Compatibility
  • No Installation
  • Time Interval
  • Free and Open Source
  • Clean User Interface
  • Memory
  • No Ads
  • Low CPU Usage
  • OP AutoClicker 3.0
  • Two Modes of Auto Clicking
  • Right and Left Mouse Clicks
  • Number of Clicks
  • Number of Repetition
  • Clicking Options
  • Hotkey
  • Saves the Setting

Key Features

  • Users can choose whether to follow the mouse cursor or start auto-click at a fixed spot
  • Users can set the number of times to click or leave as unlimited
  • Mouse button selection
  • Choose between single clicking, double-clicking or triple-clicking
  • Change the default hotkeys
  • Hotkeys can also work while the application is running in the background
  • Settings are auto-saved including the last fixed location.
  • Free
  • Open Source
  • Clean UI
  • Low CPU resources usage
  • Portable
  • No advertisements
  • No Malware
  • Virus Free

How to get started with OP Auto Clicker?

Set the time interval between mouse clicks.

Select the mouse button that you want to click with and the click type.

Set the click repeat mode and number of automated clicks.

Select the spot on the screen where you want to start auto-clicking.

Hit the start button or use the prespecified hotkey (The default hotkey is F6) to start the clicking action.

How to set a shortcut?

Go to the Hotkey setting on the main panel.

Click the Start or Stop button on the Hotkey settings panel.

Press a keyboard key that you want to set as the hotkey, then click the “Ok” button.

How to refresh a web page automatically?

Set the time limit of how often you want to refresh the web page.

Set your left mouse button to click on the Refresh button.

Set the number of times you want the web page to be refreshed.

Get the position of the refresh button.

Now click the Start button or use the set shortcut key to start the automatic page refresh.


AutoClicker Features
  • Continuous Clicking
  • Minecraft & Roblox supported
  • Fast Clicking
  • Data Entry
  • 100% Safe & free
  • Click Interval
  • Click Type
  • Click Repeat
  • Target Points
  • HotKey Selection
  • Click Recording
  • Numbered Clicks
  • Cross Platforms Availability
  • Record and Play

Auto Click Continuously

You can use this tool to continuously automate your mouse clicks on any part at the prespecified location of the screen and automate your tasks.

For Gamers

Gamers can use OP Auto key clicker for continuous clicking to achieve certain goals in the game to win.

Minecraft & Roblox

Gain an edge in the Minecraft & Roblox games and click fast or start a fight.

Fast Clicks

Characters will do fast punches or swing swords faster than all their opponents.

Data Entry

Use OP AutoClicker to fill forms online, perform mechanical data entry, add logbook entry, and perform data cross-checking.

100% Safe & Free

Unlike other clickers, the op auto clicker is completely safe and secure.

Stay tension-free while using the t program.

What Makes OP Auto Clicker so Special?

There are many auto clickers available in the market, but most of them have the potential to break into your system.

The latest version of this software is available on our website, you can download it for free.

Click Interval

In the standard layout of the OP Auto Clicker 3.0 program, the first parameter that users have to set is the Click Interval.

Click Interval controls the time elapsed between two consecutive mouse clicks.

Time interval divisions are in hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.

Adjust the interval to be fast or slow as per your needs.

Set all the time divisions to zero to get the fastest clicks.

Click Type

Click Type defines whether you need a right-click or a left-click.

You can also choose from single, double, and triple clicks.

A few auto clickers allow you to choose the middle click type as well.

Set an appropriate setting.

AutoClicker’s Features

Click Repeat

Click Repeat defines the number of clicks that will be performed by the OP Autoclicker.

If you need a finite number of clicks, type that numerical value on the click counter.

Otherwise, you can choose the option of ‘Repeat Until Stopped’.

This means that once the auto clicker starts, it will only stop when you manually press the stop button on the floating clicker panel or use the hotkeys.

Target Points

Target Points are the fixed locations on the screen where the AutoClicker will click.

Users can either provide an X and Y coordinate of a click spot or move the mouse cursor to a specific location on the screen and simply tap on ‘Current Cursor fixed Location’.

Leave it to ‘Dynamic Cursor Location’ in case you want the clicker to follow the movement of the mouse actions and perform auto-clicking simultaneously.

OP auto clicker provides you with a lot of customization options.

Depending on the selected target point and Click Speed, the number of mouse clicks, right mouse button, and left mouse button actions will be performed on the screen.

HotKey Selection

Select the hotkeys to start and stop once you have set all of these background settings.

Press the hotkeys you just selected to see the click actions.

When you press those hotkeys to stop and then to start, it will resume from the last fixed location i.e when you last time pressed the stop hotkey.

Faster Mouse Clicking

When you put zeros in all the click intervals, it will give you the fastest mouse clicks.

This is useful a lot for double-clicking, triple-clicking, and middle-clicking features.

Click Recording

Advanced OP AutoClicker has a “Record and Playback” feature that can efficiently increase clicker productivity.

This feature allows users to record a sequence of auto clicks and it will repeat that sequence over and over again.

When you need to press more than one mouse button in the games like Minecraft or Roblox, this feature will set several click locations in a short interval of time.

These click recordings can be saved for future use too.

Numbered Clicks

The “Numbered Clicks” feature lets you save a series of automated clicks that can be made anywhere on the mobile or pc screen.

These mouse clicks will be saved in numerical order and can be played out the same way.

Up to 10 auto clicks can be saved and played using this OP AutoClicker feature.

Cross Platforms Availability

OP Mouse clicker is available for all operating systems including Android, Windows, and Mac.

You just need to select the right device and download the clicker for free.

Record and Play

Users can record & save the specific set of clicking actions and the op auto clicker will perform them automatically.

Op AutoClicker works in the same way as GS auto clicker.

Download Auto Clicker and automate mouse clicks.

No more manual mouse clicks manually!

With op AutoClicker, users can automate the tasks of repeatedly clicking or tapping on a particular spot on the screen.

Users can also automate typing keyboard keys.

New versions of OP Auto Clicker come with a dark mode feature.

Additional Details


Intended AudienceEnd Users/Desktop
User Interface.NET/Mono
Programming LanguageC#
Last Updated1 day ago
CategoriesService Automation, Auto Clicker

Click the direct download button to start downloading OP Auto Clicker.

OP Auto Clicker 3.0

OP Auto Clicker 3.0

Continuous clicking while working or playing your favorite games is tiring.

OP Auto Clicker is the software for your needs!

OP Auto Clicker 3.0 is a safe-to-use premium auto clicker available for free.

Auto clicker is software that automates mouse-clicking without any or minimal effort by the user.

OP Autoclicker allows you to automate clicks safely with the set interval of your choice and that too.

You can download this software from the official AutoClicker site

It is always better to download it from a credible site rather than from third-party sources to avoid any issues.

Install OP Auto Clicker 3.0

You don’t need to worry about installing this tool as it is portable and ready to use.

You just need is to open and run the downloaded file.

When you click to open the file, you’ll be welcomed with a simple and easy-to-use user interface, with many options to select from.


OP Auto clicker is only Windows-compatible software.

But you can use the OP clicker if you are using any of the following Windows variants:

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista

OP Auto clicker offers unique features that lots of premium software might lack.


Here are the features and settings of this software:

Clicking Options

Clicking options allow users to choose the specific clicks they want.

You can choose from right, left, middle-click and scroll too.

The next clicking option is “Click repeat”, you need to select your desired number of clicks or select “click until stopped”.

By default, the click repeat is set to “Repeat Until Stopped”.

This means that the auto clicker will start or stop with the option you selected.

The default clicking interval is set to 100 milliseconds.

So, set the interval according to your usage requirements.


The default toggle to activate the Auto clicker is F6, but you can change it as per your needs.

To change the default toggle, click on the “HotKey Setting” in the bottom left corner of the tool.

Click on the start or stop option and tap on the key that you want to set a new toggle.

Playback & Record

“Playback & Record” is a handy feature of the OP Auto clicker.

Users can record and playback their clicks on different locations, and then replay them to mimic their movements.


Safety is always the most important concern for all users.

The OP Auto Clicker 3.0 doesn’t come with any bloatware and it doesn’t introduce any viruses to your system.

There are no annoying pop-ups and advertisements as well.


All these features and services are provided for free.

Just download the application and start using it without paying a single penny.

User-friendly Design

The AutoClicker 3.0 application is well-optimized to provide you with the experience of all the auto-clicking functions with minimal CPU resource usage.

Moreover, the User Interface offers all settings on a single page, so you don’t need to look for multiple menus.

Settings are saved

The settings for a particular project remain saved and reusable even after closing the app.


OP Auto Clicker can come in handy with all games, especially first-person shooting games.

OP Auto clicker 3.0 allows users to increase the shooting speed and outperform the competition easily.

Keep in mind that the OP AutoClicker might give you an unfair advantage in gaming.

Hence, some game developers already have banned the use of all auto clickers.

Auto clickers are little software tools that help in making repetitive clicking tasks more convenient.

The OP Auto clicker 3.0 is not only considered completely safe to use, virus-free software, but it also offers lots of AutoClicking features.

The Lightweight design, easy-to-use UI, and many other advanced features are offered by this tool for free.

If you still have doubts about the safety and viruses, reading user reviews and testing it by yourself is always recommended.

Now download the latest OP AutoClicker and get all your work automated within seconds!

Best Auto Clickers

Auto Clickers Infographic
  1. OP Auto Clicker
  2. GS Auto Clicker
  3. MurGee Auto Clicker
  4. Speed Auto Clicker
  5. Fast Auto Clicker
  6. AutoClicker Pro
  7. PTFB Pro AutoClicker
  8. Free Auto Clicker
  9. Mouse Clicker
  10. Macro AutoClicker
GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker or Golden Soft AutoClicker eliminates the need for continuous clicking that many users prefer.

If you’re also one of them then download the GS Auto clicker.

It is software that mimics your clicks on your pc or mobile phone.

When it comes to a typical Auto clicker, nothing is more straightforward and safer than the official GS Auto Clicker.

With just a tap of a single configured hotkey, you can start auto-clicking.

It offers multiple options to choose different settings, such as and click recording, click intervals, multiple clicks.

The GS Auto Clicker can significantly improve your working efficiency.

GS AutoClicker Features

Here we will discuss some distinct qualities of the GS Auto Clicker.

Before getting into the details, listing some unique qualities of the GS Clicker is a must.

Feather-like UI

The program is perfectly optimized as it does not put any excessive load on the computer’s hardware.
It works in the background without affecting the speed of your system.


It’s perfectly safe to use as it doesn’t force you to install any unwanted and malicious applications.
It doesn’t come with any virus so it is not a threat to your important data.

No investment required

GS AutoClicker is free-to-use, it does not require any investment at all. It is open-source software, so users don’t need to spend their money to unlock all its features.

No Ads

Last but not the least, GS Clicker does not bother users with any ads.

Download GS Auto Clicker

To get the Golden Soft AutoClicker or GS AutoCliker for free, click the download button given below on this website.

When the downloading is completed, the next step is Installation.

The GS Auto Clicker is a portable software so it does not require any manual installation.

All you need to do is just run the downloaded file and you are perfectly good to go.

The GS Auto Clicker has an eye-soothing and user-friendly UI that is easy to use and understand.

To use all the features, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Set up Clicking Options or Intervals
  • Go to Options > Clicking > Repeat.
  • Provide details about how many clicks you want and how many seconds apart.

After setting up these things you are good to go.

By default, the clicking options are set to “left mouse click”, and “single-clicking” respectively.

The repeating interval is 50 by default.

However, users can set up these options as per their preferences.

Navigate to the recording tab in options, you’ll find the option to set up multiple clicks.

Using this option, you can record and replay multiple mouse clicks on separate locations or even at a single spot.

If you are confused about any function, use the help bar on the main page.

The help option only provides some basic usage information that we’ve already discussed here.

Recording Function

To use the recording function, all you have to do is click the “Record & Replay Multiple Clicks” option and select a pick point.

Now click on the point where you want the mouse clicks and repeat until you have recorded all the clicks.

You can see the number of clicks you’ve performed using the “Click Records Option”.

When you’ve recorded all your clicks, press “Okay” and toggle the HotKey to start automated recorded clicking.

Else you can go to Settings > Clicking > Repeat option, and select the click repetition settings.

This is how you can create a macro for utilizing both recorded clicks, and multiple automated clicks at the same time.

Untick the “Record and Replay Multiple Clicks” option if it is not required.

Navigate to the “Options > Settings > View” path and set up how the software behaves while AutoClicking.

You’ll be presented with two more options to select from “Hide When it is Clicking” and “Show When it Finishes Clicking”.

Users can also navigate to the “Options > Settings > Other” path, to set up what happens when the AutoClicking completes.

GS Auto Clicker Download

GS Auto Clicker Download

The GS AutoClicker can be used on all Windows computers and laptops.

It does not require any advanced software.

It is compatible with all the older versions of Microsoft Windows as well.

Here is the list of supported Windows versions:

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista

Why Should You go with GS Auto Clicker?

The GS Auto Clicker is a simple and easy-to-use software, with a wide range of clicking features.

Murgee Auto Clicker

Murgee Auto Clicker

Murgee auto clicker tops the list of the most popular and trusted auto clickers in the click automation world.

The best feature of this tool is that it allows you to make a list of clicking sequences to perform using your mouse in order.

Murgee AutoClicker saves the recordings in the log and it can perform the clicks on the specific coordinates recorded.

Users can even choose the clicking time interval and can start or stop the clicker using a keyboard key.

The murgee clicker also displays the total number of automated clicks performed so that a user can stop the clicker accordingly.

Free Mouse Clicker

Free Mouse Clicker

The Free Mouse Clickers are mostly simple auto clickers with limited features that allow users to customize very basic settings for automatic clicking.

These clickers allow you to set the fastest clicking time interval of 500 milliseconds.

The size of the application is very low so it won’t consume CPU resources.

Users can set the click type they want and can also customize the basic single and double clicks.

The great feature offered by a free mouse clicker is that users can set the hotkeys on their keyboard and mouse.

Auto Clicker Typer

Auto Clicker Typer

Auto Clicker Typer is another very simple and targeted AutoClicker with limited customization features to simplify the auto-clicking process for you.

There is a record button in the tool to record the sequence of mouse clicks or actions that users perform on their screens.

The best thing about the auto clicker typer is the loop feature.

Let’s say some users recorded a clicking sequence and in that sequence, they want some actions to occur in a loop.

They just need to checkmark the loop option there and enter the value for the loop to start.

Next, they can set the hotkey, time delay, and click type.

Fast Mouse Clicker Pro

Fast Mouse Clicker Pro

The fast mouse clicker pro is a super-fast auto clicker that comes with some really useful options and controls to use especially for gaming purposes.

Users can set the number of automated clicks per second.

Fast Mouse Clicker Pro can perform up to 9999 automated clicks per second.

Users can choose from the left, middle, or right mouse clicks and trigger the clicking process with a keyboard hotkey or a mouse button.

Also, the number of clicks at which the clicker stops clicking can be set in the options, making it an extremely fast and efficient auto clicker.

OG Auto Clicker

OG Auto Clicker

The OG auto clicker is one of the best auto clickers available in the market.

This tool offers two configuration types.

It lets you place your cursor or click the predefined screen location.

You can launch the clicker tool by clicking its default Hotkey F6.

OG Auto clicker features

OG Auto clicker features offer many cool features including Hotkeys selection, Click Recording, Click options, Repeating option, Click Interval, Random clicking, Schedule mode & Dark Mode.

Hotkeys & Record option

OG Auto clicker has a low CPU utilization even though it can make up to 500 or more clicks each second.

This software allows users to record a clicking routine.

It allows users to assign a pattern to particular hotkeys that can be used when required.

Users can also change those hotkeys at any time.

These selected hotkeys continue working even if the clicker app is running in the background.

You can use these features of hotkeys to automate all your mouse clicks in the software that you are using.

Click & Repeat options

OG AutoClicker allows users to choose whether to automate single, double, or triple mouse clicks.

When using the clicker, users can still follow the cursor.

It means they still have full control over the mouse cursor.

You can navigate to the position you want and set the cursor on a fixed spot as well.

Users can set the number of times a mouse click should be repeated.

This Auto-Clicking feature is called a “repeat count”.

Click Interval & Random Clicking

A repeat count of “1” means that the click will be repeated one time and so forth.

A repeat count of “0” means that clicker will run for infinite mouse clicks.

Additionally, users can configure the time between these automated mouse clicks.

OG Clicker lets you set the auto clicks between the time ranges of milliseconds, seconds, minutes, and hours.

If the “Random click Interval” option is selected, the OG Auto clicker will start clicking randomly between the start and end times set by the user.

Schedule & Dark Mode

The OG Autoclicker allows users to schedule their mouse clicks.

The auto mouse-clicking functions start at a preset date and time.

You have the option to choose the mouse button you need to click.

You can automate all the right, left, or middle mouse clicks.

You can also apply the Dark mode in the Clicker according to your preference to make it more attractive.

Perfect Automation

Perfect Automation Auto Clicker

This automation tool is not just an auto clicker but it offers a complete automation package.
It comes with lots of features for computer automation.

Perfect Click Automation Tool is surely one of the best and most advanced clicking software.

Users can record mouse and keyboard sequences along with a couple of cool clicking features with maximum customization.

Also, this tool is CPU friendly and it won’t exhaust the resources of your system.

These were the best auto clickers that work smoothly with the Windows OS.

You can download these clickers easily from the official website and use them to get the clicking jobs done with ease.

Microsoft Auto Clicker

Microsoft Auto Clicker

Microsoft Store GT Auto Clicker is a Free Auto Clicker that is available in 11 languages.

GT Auto Clicker is automation software that can free you from repetitive mouse clicks and automate the clicks at specified time intervals.

It’s a simple clicker but enough for normal daily use.


  • Configurable click interval
  • Left, middle, and right mouse clicks
  • Single and double-click support
  • Click at the dynamic cursor location or a specified point
  • Specify the location coordinates where to click at
  • Set the number of times to click or leave as unlimited
  • Set hotkeys to start and stop clicking
  • Settings including the last fixed location are autosaved
  • Clean User Interface
  • Simple to use

Auto Clicker for Windows

Auto Clicker for Windows

Auto clickers come with customizable settings to perform a series of clicks on the screens at different locations.

Also, the auto-clickers run in the background so you have full access to the screen.

Let’s discuss some of the common options and parameters of the auto clickers for Windows.

You can download AutoClicker for Windows here.

Options to Configure in an Auto Clicker to automate the clicking.

Below are the options for most of the Windows auto clickers.

Type of click – It lets you set the button of your mouse that you want to click automatically, out of three available buttons Left, Right, and Middle.

Some of the Windows auto clickers allow users to customize the settings to hold the button for a specific time limit automatically and then release it too.

The number of clicks – It lets you set the total number of clicks that a user wants to perform.

Let’s say that reaching the next level in a game, requires clicking on a particular point 1000 times.

Enter the number 1000 for 1000 clicks in your auto-clicker and launch it.

You can keep the number indefinite if you want the clicking to stop only when you click the Stop hotkey.

The time interval between clicks – Users can set the time interval between two consecutive clicks.

The AutoClicker program will wait for that specified time before doing the next click.

Cursor position – It can set the position of your mouse pointer.

There is an option to insert the coordinates of the screen location where you want to click automatically or set the current position and go for dynamic classes for auto-clicking.

Hotkey – The hotkey is a trigger key that can start or stop the auto clicker when pressed.

Users can set any keyboard key as the hotkey or it is set by default in some clicker tools.

Best Auto Clicker for Windows

Best Auto Clicker for Windows

As the name suggests, here we will be listing free-to-use and the best user-friendly auto clickers for Microsoft Windows.

The features that are available in these auto clickers make them stand out from all entry-level clickers.

The controls in these clickers can easily be customized as per the user’s clicking requirements.

The left and right mouse clicks work with 100 % efficiency in these clickers.

Users can define the X and Y coordinates and then set the time interval between the automated clicks.

The clickers will then do the rest of the magic by completing the auto-clicking task.

GS Auto Clicker for Windows

GS Auto Clicker for Windows

GS Auto Clicker is one of the best auto clickers for Windows that are recommended by gaming experts.

It offers amazing functionality and a user-friendly interface.

The gaming communities love GS AutoClicker because of its click-recording feature.

You can easily record your click sequences and then launch the tool to do the automation.

The clicker will take care of all your auto-clicking process with ease, efficiency, and accuracy.

Users also have the option to choose single or double clicks.

Just set the time interval, decide the click type and see the clicker getting your job done.

OP Auto Clicker for Windows

OP Auto Clicker for Windows

OP AutoClicker is a pro-level free auto clicker that comes with awesome features related to the mouse cursor position.

With this advanced auto clicker, users can either choose the dynamic cursor location to perform auto-clicking or specify the XY coordinates of the window.

Users can set the total number of clicks they want to perform and specify the time interval between the automated clicks.

There are lots of other options as well making it the most efficient auto clicker on the list.

Also, OP AutoClicker is fully CPU-friendly software and it won’t cause your PC to lag or hang.

Android Auto Clicker

Android Auto Clicker

Here we are listing the best Auto Clicker Android Apps that work on Non-Rooted Phones.

  • OP AutoClicker
  • GS AutoClicker
  • Murga AutoClicker
  • MacroDroid
  • Click Assistant
  • AutoInput
  • Droid Automation
  • QuickTouch
  • AnkuLua
  • E-Robot
  • Automate

OP Auto Clicker Android

Automate mouse clicks on your Android phone with OP Auto Clicker.

AutoClicker for android is an app that lets users configure auto-clicking on their smartphones.

This android app is very easy to customize with the right options to not let the clicking automation be your headache.

To start using Android AutoClicker, just download and open the app and choose the click intervals as per your needs in the suitable time units.

OP Auto Clicker Android

There is a long list of options in android auto clickers.

Users can also select which button on the mouse to emulate, the click type they want, and set the repetition cadence.

You can choose the number of times you want this auto-clicking task to repeat or if you need to repeat the clicks until you decide to stop.

This android clicker app lets you choose the exact cursor location that emulates the clicks: whether it is the current screen location or a different one that you can select just by clicking on the phone screen.

OP AutoClicker Android is a fantastic application that lets you schedule clicks automatically for a variety of clicking tasks, particularly in playing video games.

This clicker app is open source and it takes up very little space on your phone.

SoftwareOP Auto Clicker Android
Operating SystemAndroid
AuthorOP Auto Clicker
DateOct 10th 2019
Content RatingAll ages

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AutoClicker APK

Auto Clicker APK helps you do repeated taps at any location on your Android smartphone screen with any interval you set.

Auto Clicker APK File

It does NOT require root access to install the Auto Clicker app.

The Auto Clicker App clicker has a floating control panel to start or stop the automatic tap app.

It is a great app for clicking games.


  • User-friendly & easy-to-use user interface
  • Multiple click points
  • Multiple swipes
  • Global timer support for a set amount of time
  • Import/Export automatic clicking scripts

System Requirements

  • Android 7.0 and up.
  • Requires Accessibility service to work.

Install the Auto Clicker app now and feel free with the automatic taps.

SoftwareAutoClicker APK
Updated onApr 6 2022
System RequirementsAndroid 7.0 and up
Downloads50,000,000+ downloads
In-App Purchases$1.99 per item
Content RatingEveryone
Data Safety100%
Released onFeb 20 2019

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Auto Clicker Automatic Tap

Auto Clicker Automatic Tap App is an auto clicker app available on the Play Store for automatic tapping on android phones.

Auto Clicker Automatic Tap

It helps you to do repeated taps at any specific location on your smartphone screen at any time interval you specify.

Auto Clicker Automatic Tap does NOT require root access.

It comes with a floating control panel that lets users start/stop the automatic tap.

This Auto Clicker APK is a great app for clicker games.


  • The user interface & easy-to-understand UI
  • Supports multiple clicking points and multiple screen swipes
  • Global timer to launch the app for a certain amount of time
  • Import/Export auto clicker scripts

System Requirements

  • Android 7.0 and up versions.
  • Requires device Accessibility service to work properly.
SoftwareAuto Clicker Automatic Tap
Updated on6 Apr 2022
Requires Android7.0 and up
Downloads50,000,000+ downloads
In-app purchasesRs 310.00 per item
Content ratingRated for 3+
Data safety100%
Released on20 Feb 2019

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Click Assistant APK

Click Assistant APK is an Auto Clicker android app available on the Play Store.

It is used to record gestures on Android phones.

Click Assistant APK

It can perform auto clicks, curve swipes, and screen pinch gestures.

Click Assistant APK Auto Clicker helps users do repetitive clicking or tapping work.

Any click spot can be added to the screen using the floating control panel.


  • Easy to use
  • Recording gestures – Users can easily record the screen gestures
  • The new user interface design allows the users to start, stop, pause, and resume the Auto Clicker script at any time.
  • Supports innovative screen curve swipes and two-finger zooming gestures
  • Personalization – Allows users to adjust the size and opacity of the display or operating interface
  • Allows users to separately set the parameters of the automatic clicks, such as delay, touch, or the number of repetitions.
  • The app can save or load the scripts
  • Countdown timer
  • No Root required

System requirements

Android 7.0 or above

Quick Macro

Quick Macro Automation
SoftwareQuick Macro
Updated on2 May 2022
System RequirementsAndroid 7.0 and up
Downloads10,000000+ downloads
In-app purchasesRs 160.00 – Rs 2, 550.00 per item
Content ratingRated for 3+
Data safety100%
Interactive elementsIn-app purchases
Released on31 Jul 2019

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Auto Clicker MOD APK

Auto Clicker Mod APK lets you automatically click or swipe anywhere on your android device screen with custom durations.

Auto Clicker MOD APK

This app doesn’t require android root access.

Install Auto Clicker MOD APK for free.


  • Support single or multiple clicks and multiple swipes
  • Easy to use
  • Helpful settings
  • Save configurations
  • Multiple languages

System Requirements

  • Android 7.0 and up
  • System alert window permission
  • Accessibility service permission
SoftwareAuto Clicker MOD APK
Updated on22 Oct 2021
Requires Android7.0 and up
Downloads5000000+ downloads
In-app purchasesRs 360.00 per item
Content ratingRated for 3+
Data safety100%
Released on26 Jul 2020

Click the download button below to download the AutoClicker Mod APK file.

Game Master AutoClicker

The game Master Auto Clicker app is now available on the Play Store.

It is considered the best Auto Clicker Tapping app for android devices in 2022.

This method of auto-clicking is used to automate the tasks such as clicking, swiping, and some other core functions.

The Game Master auto clicker app does not collect your private data in any way.

No Root is required to use this clicker on any app.

Game Master Auto Clicker

Users can set any position on the display to auto-click, auto-tap, or auto-swipe at any time.

Recording gestures

The app comes with a gesture recording option.

It allows the users can easily record the gestures just by pressing the [Record] button to start.

Click and swipe frequency settings

Users can set the click or swipe time to match their requirements.

The frequency can be changed quickly with one click at any time.

Long press and short press time durations can be set as well.

Users can hide or display the Touchpoints at any time.

Loop mode

Users can set the loop mode and loop times to loop the auto-clicking until the stop button is pressed.


It can avoid clicking the same screen coordinates by giving a small distance random displacement, to remain safe from game company detection.

Toolbar settings

Users are allowed to change the orientation to a Vertical or horizontal toolbar.

This AutoClicker app lets you apply your favorite toolbar theme.

Users can sort button-order, or hide unwanted features as well.

SoftwareGame Master Auto Clicker
Updated on25 Apr 2022
RequiresAndroid 7.0 and up
Downloads1000000+ downloads
In-app purchasesRs 150.00 – Rs 520.00 per item
Content ratingRated for 3+
Data safety100%
Interactive elementsIn-app purchases
Released on31 Dec 2019

Download Game Master AutoClicker

Auto Clicker PC Games

Here we are listing the best free Auto Clicker PC games where you can win by Auto Clicking.

AutoClicker PC Games
  1. Clicker Heroes
  2. Sandcastle Builder
  3. Time Clickers
  4. Cookie Clicker
  5. ClickPocalypse 2
  6. Progress Quest
  7. AdVenture Capitalist


The Bottom Line is that the Auto Clickers tools like the OP Auto Clicker and GS Auto Clicker are especially beneficial for those people who belong to the professions such as data entry.

It can also be helpful when your real equipment is not working or malfunctioning.

For example, a faulty mouse or a faulty keyboard.

Both the GS AutoClicker and OP AutoClicker offer a variety of features related to continuous or interval-based clicking and also click recording.

Get an Auto Clicker now and eliminate the continuous clicking.


Is OP Auto Clicker the best?

Yes. OP Auto Clicker 3.0 is the best because it has the easiest and simplest interface.

Is GS auto clicker a virus?

GS Auto Clicker is not a virus. It is a 100% safe and legitimate automation tool that simulates mouse clicks and doesn’t contain any virus or malware.

Is there a free Auto Clicker download site?

Yes. is a free official site to download all auto clickers including OP AutoClicker, GS Auto Clicker, and murgee auto clicker.

Does the GC auto clicker work on Roblox?

Yes, you can use this program in games like Minecraft and Roblox. It requires you to build from scratch to earn more points. GS Auto Clicker is mostly used in the ‘idlers’ gaming genre, where you have to tap a character thousands of times just to perform a single specific task.

Is there an auto clicker for Mac?

Yes. Auto clicker for Mac is an automation utility that is used to set up a pattern of clicks and keystrokes for your mac pc to repeat by itself. Auto clicker for Mac stimulates left and right mouse clicks on macOS devices with several ways of control.

Is Sourceforge op auto clicker 3.0 a virus?

No. OP Auto Clicker 3.0 is a 100% safe and secure application with no malware. It’s a legitimate tool that simulates all types of mouse clicks.

Is there any free auto clicker?

Yes. There are many free auto clicker tools on the web. A free auto clicker is a free tool to automate mouse clicks. GS Auto Clicker and OP AutoClickers are the best free auto clickers available. These tools eliminate the need for you to perform repetitive and monotonous mouse clicks. The free Windows auto clickers let users set multiple click patterns and automate them with just a single click.

Is OP Autoclicker allowed in Roblox?

All auto clickers are considered a bannable offense in Roblox, no matter what is the situation or which method you use.

Does Windows 10 have an auto mouse clicker?

You can download Auto Mouse Clicker on Windows 10 for free. It works well with all Windows versions including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

Can I auto-click the keyboard keys?

Yes, you can auto-click keyboard keys. For that, you need to automate the keyboard events by accessing the controller settings and assigning predefined key combinations.

What is the Easy AutoClicker?

Easy AutoClicker is a free auto clicker that makes your life easy by solving all your clicking needs.

How do I download the Auto clicker APK?

Go to the official Auto Clickers website and click on the download AutoCLicker Android button. Once the downloading is finished, open the folder and install the app.

What is The Speed Auto Clicker?

Speed AutoClicker is an extremely fast auto clicker tool that can click more than 50000 times per second.

What is a mouse clicker?

A Mouse Clicker software allows users to auto-click the mouse. You can set your mouse auto clicker interval and choose the single or double click option on the left or right mouse buttons and then let the mouse clicker do the rest of the work.

What is an auto clicker for Roblox?

Auto Clicker for Roblox is software that makes automated mouse clicks in the games you play on Roblox. Any automatic mouse clicking tool that is compatible with the Roblox games is considered a Roblox auto clicker.

What is a key presser?

A Key Presser is software that can automatically press any keyboard key combination repeatedly. It’s an ideal tool for gaming. The key presser can start and stop using a hotkey of your choice.

What is Auto Clicker Automatic Tap?

Auto Clicker Automatic Tap is a free mobile auto-clicking utility that is developed by True Developers Studio. It can execute the pre-recorded screen tap sequences on smartphones. It runs on all types of clicker games and all other apps that require continual input. It offers a high level of customization to fit any device and user type.

How to use an AutoClicker?

Download the auto clicker of your choice and configure the relevant parameters, click on the ‘Start’ button on the clicker’s UI, or press the start Hotkey.

Is Auto Clicker illegal?

The use of Autoclicker might be considered unethical in the gaming community and it is illegal to use in professional competitions as well, but for day-to-day use, they are perfectly legal and fine.

What is the best Auto Clicker?

OP AutoClikcer is the best of all auto clickers for all operating systems. It is safe, fast, and free. It also takes up the least CPU resources.

Is SourceForge AutoClicker safe?

SourceForge AutoClicker is downloaded by several users, there are significant complaints of viruses coming with this clicker. Before you download it, be sure to go through the recent user reviews. You can download the virus-free auto clickers from our website.

Can Hypixel detect Auto Clicker?

Hypixel is normally not able to detect the AutoClickers. However, if you use them for a long period, it can detect a similarity in the patterns and report your account activity.

Are Auto Clickers allowed on Hypixel?

Auto Clickers are not allowed on Hypixel. If Hypixel detects an AutoClicker, it will report your account which can lead to a ban.

How to use Autoclicker EXE?

Install the AutoCliker exe application file on your PC, run it, feed in the specific parameters (Target Point, Click Type, Click Interval, Click Repeat), and tap on the start button. Alternatively, you can use the hotkey to start or stop the clicker.

What are auto clickers used for?

Auto clickers are mostly used for playing ideal-clicking games. They are downloaded mainly by the gamer community. Read our guidelines on auto clicker usage to learn more.

How can a mouse auto-click in Windows 10?

Download auto clickers like the OP auto clicker, GS auto clicker, and others. All of them are compatible with Microsoft Windows 10. These clicker tools help you to automate your mouse clicks on your PC and another portable device.

Is AutoClicker a bot?

Auto Clickers are not bots. They have a simple task of single clicking, double-clicking, or right-clicking on a certain spot on the screen. Bots have s more complex coding structures as they are designed to directly interact with the users.

How do I get my smartphone to auto-click?

Download AutoClicker on your android or Ios smartphone for free and simply start auto-clicking.

How does an auto clicker work?

AutoClicker work using a script to automate the mouse clicks and screen taps.

Is GS Auto Clicker safe?

Yes. GS Auto clicker doesn’t have any malware, viruses, or harmful codes. You can use this simple Auto Clicker tool without worrying about losing your files and data or getting your system damaged by the program in any possible way.

Just make sure you download the auto clicker from its official website mentioned in the downloading guide; otherwise, you’ll never know what you’re downloading.

Is GS Auto Clicker free?

Yes! The GS auto clicker is free to download and use with all its features, and there is no premium version available.

How to make the GS auto clicker faster?

To make the GS AutoClicker faster, open the application and navigate to options > bring your cursor on Clicking > Select the “Repeat” option. Now add the number of auto clicks you need to repeat and keep the clicking interval lowest to get more CPS.

What is the Autosofted auto keyboard presser?

The Autosofted Auto Keyboard Presser is a Key Presser and Key Recorder tool that is fully compatible with hotkeys. It is a simple-to-use and free-to-download auto keyboard presser.

What is the Auto Key Presser?

Auto Key Presser is a handy auto clicker tool that performs repetitive keyboard inputs on computers. It can repeatedly press a designated keyboard key within a pre-set time interval. It can also perform automatic input of the combination of any two keyboard keys.

What is the Automatic Clicker?

An Automatic Clicker is a tool that allows you to set up automatic taps on your Android mobile screen. This feature is perfect for gamers who have to click or tap non-stop to win the game.

What is the best auto clicker for Chromebook?

OP Auto Clicker is the best auto clicker for Chromebook & Android OS.

What is the best AutoClicker for iPad?

Both OP & GS AutoClickers have their iOS versions for all types of iOS devices.

What is the safe GS Auto Clicker download site? is the safe site for GS Auto Clicker download links.

What is the safest Auto Clicker Minecraft Mod?

GS Auto Clicker is a 100% safe auto clicker Minecraft mod. It’s a legitimate clicker to simulate all types of mouse clicks and screen taps.

What is a Keyboard Auto Clicker?

Keyboard Auto Clicker is an application that automatically simulates the pressing of keys on the keyboard as many times as you need.

What is The Simplest Cookie Clicker Auto Clicker?

OP AutoClicker is the simplest Cookie Clicker Auto clicker tool.

What is autoclick 2.2?

AutoClick 2.2 is a great Auto Clicker program that saves the clicks you make using the mouse and the area of the screen where you made those clicks. This tool allows you to save that sequence of all your clicks and replay them exactly when and where you want.

What is a social media bot clicker?

Social Media Bot clicker is a GrowBot for all social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, SoundCloud, and Weibo. A bot clicker can like posts, follow accounts, and share posts automatically. Social Media Bot Clicker comes with a new TikTok video downloader feature.

How to fix the double mouse clicker?

Follow the steps below to fix the double mouse clicker in Windows.

  1. Check Your mouse Double-Click Setting from the control panel.
  2. Change the Mouse Double-Click Speed from the settings.
  3. Clean your mouse physically.
  4. Check mouse Battery Levels and battery Interference.
  5. Try a new mouse.
  6. Reinstall the mouse drivers from the control panel.

What is SpeedTest Clicker?

SpeedTest clicker is a tool that measures the mouse clicks per second and performs CPS Test online to check how fast is your clicking speed.

What is Auto Clicker 2.2?

Mouse Auto Clicker 2.2 is a free auto clicker that features a Single Left Click, Double Left Click, Single Right Click, and Middle Left Click. Mouse auto clicker supports MS Windows with a .NET framework.

What is Au to Clicker?

OP Au to Clicker is an automation tool that lets users automate different types of clicks. It is compatible with all Windows editions, Android, Chromebook, and macOS.

Download Auto Clicker

What exactly is an AutoClicker?

Auto clicker is the savior for those who are into gaming or any other data entry work that needs lots of mouse-clicking.

It is a simple program that automates the clicking process for you, just by pressing a single hotkey.

From games that require a high number of clicks per second to web pages that needed to reload automatically, an auto clicker tool is an ultimate solution to get the job done efficiently.

It doesn’t matter whether you are sitting in front of your computer or doing some other work, the auto clicker will continue clicking automatically for the time you set or until you tap the stop button.

We have tested the setup file thoroughly and we found it 100% safe & secure.

You can download auto clickers directly from our servers.

Just click on the download button below and get the 100% working Auto Clicker for free.

File Nameautoclicker.exe
File Size864 KB
Last Updated5th May 2022
PurposeGaming Software

Click the direct download button below to download Auto Clicker.

Visit the Official AutoClicker website.

Auto Clicker Official

AutoClicker is an automation tool to automate mouse clicks & keyboard keys. Download OP AutoClicker & GS AutoClicker for Windows 11 & Android.

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Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Clicker

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