Auto Clicker MOD APK | Download [April 2023]

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Auto Clicker Mod APK lets you automatically click or swipe anywhere on your Android device screen with custom durations.

This app doesn’t require Android root access.

Auto Clicker MOD APK

Auto Clicker MOD APK provides easy-to-understand features to perform automatic clicks with a time interval that users can freely choose.

It can perform Auto Clicking as cycle count operations, or fixed time operations.

In addition, there are circles in different clicking modes, users need to bring them to the places where they want to click.

Surely the user experience of the Clicker MOD app will be guaranteed with its premium version with no ads.

Auto Clicker Automatic tap MOD APK lets users set different configurations as per their comfort.


If you often perform the tasks of tapping on the screen continuously and get bored quickly, then you should go with the Auto Clicker MOD APK as the perfect solution for you.

Specifically, it will allow you to configure the clicking patterns with its various features so that clicking is done without your presence.

You will be able to do other things, but the busy things related to the click are still being done, and it has many different applications.


Once you’ve mastered the Clicker features, you’ll be able to go inside the APK and learn all its elements.

Specifically, you can easily see the three different buttons on its main UI, and each one has a set of features that you cannot ignore.


You can learn those features without spending too much time learning them.

The first item is a single target mode that helps users hit a target continuously.


In its single-target mode, you will quickly get the information to enable this feature.

When successfully activated, you will see there a circle, drag it to any position you need to click.

The circle indicates the location that will be clicked automatically.

The number of circles will increase when you choose the multi-target mode.

In addition, you should configure the setting of the operating time.


Auto Clicker MOD APK

Setting the operation time is also necessary as it meets your requirements while using Auto Clicker MOD APK.

Specifically, you will see when the click feature is active and have three options:

  • Unknown
  • For a period
  • Number of cycles

You should also pay attention to the time interval between two auto taps, as it depends on the purpose you are using the app.

For example, some games require players to tap on the same location on the screen repeatedly to perform attacks.


The application’s experience will undoubtedly impress you but before considering installing the APK, you should know some related information.

Specifically, the app only supports operating systems from Android 7.0 and above.

This makes the app’s functionality limited only to lower operating systems.

In addition, the application’s operation sometimes requires stability for the Auto Clicking to take place continuously and it needs a stable Android device.


Using Auto Clicker MOD APK will not need you to go through other intermediary steps; in other words, you just have to install the APK to experience all its cool features.

The app doesn’t require the phones to be rooted to perform the Auto Clicking, and this is also something that users love.

Users don’t always want to try complicated and dangerous clicking methods on their devices and want a straightforward app experience.


During the use of the app, you will undoubtedly take full advantage of the simple and effective app features, but you will also be seeing the advertisements that appear.

To ensure your experience is free of irritating ads, you can upgrade to the premium version.

All the annoying ads will disappear after a few seconds.

The Auto Clicker MOD APK’s features are useful to you in many cases:

You will access its easy-to-use user interface and set up automatic taps on desired locations on the screen at different time intervals.


  • Support single or multiple clicks and multiple swipes
  • Easy to use
  • Helpful settings
  • Save configurations
  • Multiple languages

System Requirements

  • Android 7.0 and up
  • System alert window permission
  • Accessibility service permission


The Auto Clicker MOD APK offers two main modes of single and multi-target tapping, and the number of click circles also changes accordingly.

Users can set the operating period from unknown to a specified time interval, and the app only works on Android OS 7.0 and above.

Once you install the program, you don’t have to worry about rooting the device to use its full features.

The number of ads the app contains is quite diverse, you can easily remove them by activating the last section of the app.

Download Auto Clicker MOD APK

SoftwareAuto Clicker MOD APK
Updated on22 Oct 2021
Requires Android7.0 and up
Downloads5000000+ downloads
In-app purchasesRs 360.00 per item
Content ratingRated for 3+
Data safety100%
Released on26 Jul 2020

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