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Auto Key Presser | Download Auto Keyboard Presser [2023]

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Auto Key Presser is a FREE to download auto keyboard button pressing tool that is used to perform keystrokes with a specified Time Delay, repeatedly.

Auto Key Presser


Auto Key Presser is a handy automation tool that helps users to perform repetitive keyboard inputs at their homes or work on PCs.

It performs the same tasks as the name implies – it repeatedly clicks or presses a designated keyboard key during a pre-set time interval.

Auto Key Presser Program

Another main feature of this tool is that it can also perform automatic input for the combination of two or more keys.

This additional feature is very useful to users who require to repeatedly press the advanced keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+ or some other key combination.

Auto Key Presser is a lightweight, portable, and straightforward tool as it does not feature any extra advanced or complicated configurations.

Everything that the program has to offer is presented to the users on its minimalistic UI screen that features simple and plain system-UI visuals.

Although the program can only press or hold down selected keys, it can save you a lot of precious time if the workload is highly repetitive and involves such typing tasks.


The use of an Auto Key Presser while working on a Workstation, computer, PC, or laptop is mandatory.


Nowadays, key pressing speed has become a significant factor in a variety of tasks we do, from gaming to daily routine keyboard work.

Gaming, requires rapid mouse clicking, key pressing, and key holding of certain keys or mouse buttons.

There are different automation tools or software available for doing the job.

The best part of this tool is that it is simple and free to download, install, and use.


The Auto Key Presser tool is available in a small installation package that can easily be installed in a few seconds.


The Auto Key Presser tool also comes with a fully-featured built-in uninstaller.

It can completely be removed om your system, leaving no log files and installation traces, behind.


The main Auto Keyboard Presser User Interface consists of a single small and plain-looking window.

The users can either input a single or dual typing command and they can also choose how long the program needs to repeatedly type it.


After the selection of keys and time interval, all that remains is clicking on the START button.

It does not support the configurable keyboard shortcuts to initiate the service.

Users can only start the program by manually clicking on the given Start button from the main UI.

after which the program will refocus automatically on the last used app and perform the task.

There is also no other way to stop the service once the task has been started.

With the simple feature set, this lightweight auto key presser tool is suitable only for users who only need the simplest app for repeated automatic key pressing.

If someone needs any advanced automation features, like, system-wide shortcuts for service activation, and support for more complicated macros, they need to go for advanced Auto Clicker tools.


Features & Highlights

The Auto Key Presser is one of the simplest tools for facilitating repeated key pressing on demand with the following features:



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