Auto Keyboard Download | Repetitive Key Presser [2023]

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Auto Keyboard or AutoKeyboard.exe is a free & open-source keyboard button-pressing utility that enables you to keep pressing specified keys.

Auto Keyboard

Auto Keyboard is an Auto Typer Software utility to automate repetitive Keyboard typing with efficiency & control. Download it here for free.

If you need to automate a single keyboard key combination for unlimited times, then an Auto Keyboard program is all that you need.

It automates different input key combinations and their functions like entering a Key, Spacebar, Backspace, and all arrow keys.

Moreover, it works with some function key combinations as well, such as F1, F12, and other varieties.

F1 F12

Auto Keyboard is a very useful program to simulate numerous key-pressing events.

As a Keyboard is one of the main devices to input data to a computer, you have to be careful whenever installing and using Auto Keyboards.

If you are using it for the first time, open up a text editor like Notepad, start typing in some text, and try automating some key combinations such as Backspace, Spacebar, or Tab to learn how the Auto Keyboard Software works and how to control it.

Special Keys like Num Lock or Scroll Lock can also be used as well to get a big image of how the program works.

Special Keys

The Auto Keyboard setup adds a few entries to Windows startup so that the next time you start your PC, the program will be waiting for you in the system tray, ready to get the command and start automating keyboard typing.

As professional gamers, users can automate clicking one key from the keyboard according to their defined number of clicks and a specified time interval.

However, users can automate key presses unlimitedly and stop clicking by pressing the Hotkey.

For convenience, users can also set a key to perform the start and stop functions before stimulation.

Hotkey Selection

The selected hotkey can be set separately for each key combination, but users can also use it for every combination without making any changes.

The downloading and installation process is straightforward and very easy as it takes just a few seconds.

After downloading, you have to unlock the trial version b paying USD 6.54.

Users can use all its features for free for 3 months from the payment date.

It is a useful tool for heavy gamers and office work as well where users need to add a single repetitive input.


  • Automates a single key typing for a defined or unlimited time
  • Users can customize hotkeys according to their convenience
  • Users can set a specific time interval according to the game or work demand
  • Easy to download, install and use
  • Users can enjoy a free trial of 3 months by paying just USD 6.54
  • All types of games are supported

Is Auto Keyboard free?

Once Free Software Trial Usage has been used, you have to Pay USD 6.54 to Unlock the Software Trial on 1 Windows Computer only and use it for Up to three months.



Click the direct download button below to get the latest version of Auto Keyboard free of cost.

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