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The Auto Typer is a free, secure & virus-free Software Utility for PC that is used to type, record & play text with the Keyboard automatically, using a configurable Hot Key.

It is a tool to program a series of repetitive mouse clicks and keystrokes.

It is freeware for automating all types of keystrokes and mouse clicks.

Despite the fact the program is very simple, the record and the auto-script functions give users a lot more control than it seems to.

Auto Typer

Auto Typer allows users to program a series of typing and clicking actions.

Auto Typer

You can easily program the tool by letting it record what you do.

It will then repeat all mouse moves, clicks, and keystrokes over and over again as per demand.

This is a great Auto Clicker tool, but it has some disadvantages and problems.

For example, it allows users to record the clicks on a DRM-free game, but will only recreate those clicks on the Steam library interface, not within the game itself.

Figuring out how to interface each gaming platform with the operating system usually takes more time and effort than many users are willing to put in.

No doubt that it is a great automation tool if you manage to get it working.

Game Winner

Auto Typer is a nice and convenient tool for users who frequently use the same apps on their computers every day.

Winning Games

It is a nice time-saver utility that is also a brilliant way to auto-click in many famous games.

Many top-rated games demand that you must grind your way to win, and such tools as the Auto

Typer exploits the games where repetitive moves or clicks are required.

Since this program is technically a keylogging software, your virus scanning tools or the Internet service provider (ISP) may flag it as a virus.

It is completely up to you if you wish to proceed after the warning or not.

How to use

Auto Typer UI

Auto Typer is a very simple and targeted Auto Clicker with limited customization features to simplify the auto-clicking process for you.

There is a record button in the tool to record the sequence of mouse clicks or actions that users perform on their screens.

The best thing about the program is its unique loop feature.

Let’s say some users recorded a clicking sequence and in that sequence, they want some actions to occur in a loop.

They just need to checkmark the loop option there and enter the value for the loop to start.

Next, they can set the hotkey, time delay, and click type.


  • Saves time with repetitive clicking and typing tasks
  • The Auto Script function offers plenty of customization
  • Small in size
  • Portable
  • Offline: Requires no Internet connection
  • No knowledge of programming languages is required to perform the automation


  • Making it work with all desktop programs is a bit tricky
  • The User Interface is very limited
  • No highlights to stop the recording without clicking
  • Some anti-virus programs mistake it for an automated malware



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