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Click Assistant APK is an Android app available on the Play Store that can perform auto clicks, taps, swipes, screen pinches & record gestures.

Click Assistant APK

The Auto Click Assistant APK helps users do repetitive clicking or tapping work.

Any click spot can be added to the screen using the floating control panel.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • No Root required
  • Automatically click on the screen
  • The app can save or load the scripts
  • Countdown timer
  • Full-featured floating control panel
  • Quick touch
  • Customize pressing frequency
  • Time loop
  • Optimized web surfing experience
  • Reading books on your smartphone
  • Record auto clicks and swipes
  • Add or subtract Touchpoints options
  • Stop or resume auto-clicking whenever you need
  • Supports games that need to smooth clicks
  • Automatically swipe the screen
  • Smart multi-click to optimize the user experience
  • Timer for each tapping operation
  • Custom click speed
  • Simple & easy to use UI
Click Assistant APK


  • Recording gestures – Users can easily record the screen gestures
  • The new user interface design allows the users to start, stop, pause, and resume the Auto Clicker script at any time.
  • Supports innovative screen curve swipes and two-finger zooming gestures
  • Personalization – Allows users to adjust the size and opacity of the display or operating interface
  • Allows users to separately set the parameters of the automatic clicks, such as delay, touch, or the number of repetitions.
  • Auto click assistant APK for games allows adjusting tapping speed
  • Auto swiper feature allows setting the auto-swipe interval (Convenient time setting before swipes).
  • Auto swiper supports the selection of loop mode and automatic slide time
  • Auto Click Assistant app records gestures with its click recording feature
  • Save your auto touch gestures and use them without re-setting the time
  • Click Assistant APK can easily edit the recorded auto-click settings
  • Users can record and save multiple sequences of automatic tapping operations
  • The smart automatic click assistant app is configured once and it can be used forever
  • The auto-click feature buttons are bigger and clear
  • Adjust the push points, and swipe operations right on the screen of another app
  • Special Advantages of Click Assistant APK
  • The automatic click Assistant app comes with powerful performance
  • Auto tapper assistant allows setting an infinite number of click points on the screen
  • User-friendly floating control panel for quick touch


Click Assistant APK is similar to an Android application called ClickMod.

Here you can download the latest version of the APK file.

Auto Click Assistant APK has crossed more than 2 million installs.

Auto Click Assistant currently has 9,000 ratings with an average rating value of 4.2.

The Click Assistant APK is used to auto-tap and auto-swipe the Android smartphone screen with advanced technologies to help users perform all operations on their phones easily and hands-free.

Are you a regular gamer, and not getting the best results because the game requires lots of double clicks at the same time?

Are You a regular user of social networks and need an assistant to perform auto-clicking in hands-free mode?

Then you’ve found the solution, the Click Assistant will be your effective assistant.

Automatic Tapper

Auto Click Assistant APK is an Automatic tapper that automatically clicks for the games and automatically swipes the on the phone screen.

Auto Clicker APK is an Auto Clicker for Android games to play any game without touching.

This is a fast automatic tapper that helps to complete the game mission which needs lots of clicks at many points, many times.

It is used to automatically swipe and switch the screen to watch the videos continuously hands-free.

The app helps to surf websites, read books, and turn pages easily and automatically.

Click Assistant – auto touch app on the mobile screen allows users to customize multi-tap options easily.

They can set a perfect time interval between auto clicks.

Use ClickMod Auto Clicker APK to play Android games and surf the web hands-free anytime, anywhere.


The APK can be installed on Android 7.0 or above

Requires Accessibility Service to realize provided scripts


Why does Click Assistant APK uses Accessibility Service API?

It uses API services to implement the app’s main features, including simulating auto taps or auto clicks and swipes on the smartphone screen.

Does the Click Assistant app collect the user’s private data?

No. It does not collect any private data of its users.

Click the download button below to start downloading the latest and most optimized version.

Free download the APK directly from the Google Play Store or from the official site.

Moreover, you can download the APK without registration and login.

The Click Assistant APK is currently installed on more than 2000+ devices for Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola, LG, OnePlus, Sony, and Tablet.

With so many options, it’s very easy for you to choose games or other software programs that can fit your device.

System requirements

Android 7.0 or above

Download Click Assistant APK

Click Assistant APK

Click the download button to start downloading the latest version of Click Assistant APK for free.

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Download Auto Clicker MOD APK.

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