Free Auto Clicker | GS AutoClicker Download [April 2023]

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Free Auto Clicker lets you auto-repeat mouse clicks anywhere. Here you can download the Free Auto Clicker safely free of cost.

Free Auto Clicker

Automate your mouse clicking for free.

Fast-click your mouse cursor automatically in the background for ultimate convenience.

Let the PC do what it is supposed to do & finish all the repeated work to get you more time to live life with ease!

Free Auto Clicker tool has lived through many years of cutthroat competition to become one of the best auto mouse clicker software today.

It provides the users with full control of auto mouse clicks to automate both the left and right mouse clicks between a given time interval.

You can DOWNLOAD FREE AUTO CLICKER from this website, completely free.

No limitations, no sign-up required, completely Safe with No Malware or viruses.

It Runs on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP.

Free Auto Clicker is a handy tool for automatically clicking the physical mouse buttons, making the clicks faster and much more accurate.

It can simulate all types of left & right clicks to free your both hands from time-consuming, repetitive & tedious work tasks.

Antti Virus Free Auto Clicker

It comes with no disturbance of adware, spyware, malware, and harmful viruses.

Free Auto Clicker is suitable for all kinds of systems and users, whether experienced or not.

It provides customizable hotkeys to control all the mouse and keyboard actions.

It also has fine control over clicking repetition, speed, duration, and interval.

All you need to do is to input the number of automatic clicks you desire.

If needed, you can also put the clicker process window on top of the other apps.

Free Auto Clicker is a software that can free its users from repetitive mouse click tasks and automate the clicks at any specified time intervals.

It’s a simple but powerful enough tool for normal use.


Free Auto Clicker is an Auto Mouse Clicker to Bring You Ease at Work and Joy.

Auto-click within the games without pressing the mouse button manually!

Free Auto Clicker simulates both left clicks & right clicks on any screen or window on your PC.

It performs the same type of clicks you recorded automatically with this tool.

It frees its users from repeated tiring work that requires lots of clicking and spares you more energy and time for the stuff you are into.

Free Auto Clicker Features

Auto Clicking for Universal Usage

Free Auto Clicker can be used to assist users whenever they need the mouse to be clicked – while playing games, using apps without a batch processing ability to process hundreds of files, voting online, or continuously licking on any type of webpages.

Always count on Free Auto Clicker to finish your clicking tasks.

It has Coordinate, Schedule, Script, Interval & All Things You Need.

Free Auto Clicker presents comes with every clicking feature that may come useful.

It shows the exact X & Y coordinates of a particular clicking point.

Users can record multiple click points and save them into a script file for their repeated use.

The time interval between the clicks can be modified and you can set a schedule to stop the aut clicking at any time you want.

Save Money & Protect Your Health

Repeated clicking may cost a fortune by damaging the physical mouse while it is also a painful moment by causing the user’s wrist joints to numb, swell, etc.

Free Auto Clicker saves your mouse from wear and tear and protects your well-being so that you neither need to keep buying new mice often nor seek help from expensive doctors.

Number Of Clicks

Free Auto Clicker comes with an option to specify the number of mouse clicks that need to be done.

Click Interval

This term means the amount of time between two consecutive automatic clicks. Users can conveniently determine the mouse click speed with this feature.

Automatic Clock

This is one of the most useful features while using this app. Users get more autonomy over the clicking rate by setting a time, after which they want the free auto clicker to stop automatically.

Where To Click

This feature can be used effortlessly by taking your physical mouse to the point on the screen where you have to click and pressing the spacebar to start recording that click for future use.

Free And Safe

Free Auto Clicker comes without any harmful coding like spyware, malware, or any type of virus that may take down your PC. It provides a secure and accessible option for users worldwide. Not only that but users can also get entitled to receive free technical support.

Fastest Clicker

With multi-threading technology, the clicker can automatically click the mouse at very high speeds of up to thousands of times every second.

X & Y Coordinate Calculation

You don’t need to worry if you don’t have the exact X and Y coordinates on the screen – Free Auto Clicker has a built-in coordinate calculator to calculate the exact X and Y coordinates.

Just move the mouse cursor where you would like the tool to click.

Press the spacebar so that the clicks at that point could be saved.

Command-List to Record Script

Free Auto Clicker allows the users to record one or multiple types of mouse clicks.

It provides a list of clicks in sequence, where users can use the built-in coordinate calculator to record multiple specific click points and then hit the Start button to click them in the same order.

You can also save the list to a FAC file so that it can be loaded the next time you need to perform the same actions.

Time Interval & Schedule

You can customize the interval at which the auto clicks will occur, add pauses between clicks & automatically stop the action when the desired amount of clicks are performed with the count displayed.

It automates the clicks and makes scheduling the clicking tasks easier and more accurate than ever.

Help with Investment & Shopping

Online Shopping With Free Auto Clicker

If you have invested in the Stock or Forex market then it is more likely to spend much of your time sitting in front of the computer to place time-critical orders when the market moves.

You may also want to place a last-second bid on Amazon or eBay when you are away.

Free Auto Clicker can make all these tasks happen automatically.

Assist Your Game

If you are a big fan of PC games and online clicker games, Free Auto Clicker provides you with the convenience to help you enjoy these games without any unavoidable, irritating constant clicking.

You may go out and spend more of your time with your family and friends while the computer keeps feeding the pets, mining, fishing or woodcutting, etc.

Auto-Click on Web Pages

If you always surf the internet, you may find lots of useful web pages that require you to sit and keep clicking for a while to achieve the goals such as online slot machine games, news, bingo, and other broadcast sites.

Also, some web pages may conduct online polls that allow repeated voting.

The Free Auto Clicker tool clicks on all of these web pages for you with no hassle.

Good for Webcam Use

Some Webcam applications require the users to click and take a picture, which makes it hard to get yourself into a good pose since you are limited by the length of your arm and you also need to reach out to click the physical mouse!

Set this Free Auto clicker to click on the “Take Picture” button automatically, and then just focus on your posture.


Users don’t need to click on the mouse buttons to use the Free Auto Clicker.

The Hotkeys let you start and stop the auto-clicking process, record coordinates, and clear your command list.

100% Free, Safe & Easy

The Free Clicker is freeware so there is no need to register it.

Anyone who has downloaded the setup file & installed it can have all the free updates and free technical support, permanently.

Free Auto Clicker is a 100% clean utility app and safe for all types of smart devices and computers.

Key Features

Free Auto Clicker Key Features
  • Configurable click interval
  • Left, middle, and right mouse buttons click
  • A single click and double click
  • Click on the dynamic cursor location
  • Prespecified location
  • Pick a location to click at
  • Set the number of times to click
  • Unlimited clicks
  • Support hotkeys to start and stop clicking
  • The last fixed location settings are saved
  • Clean User Interface
  • Simple to use

The Free Auto Clicker for macOS is the best auto clicker ever created for Mac users, and it can work on all Mac OS X versions.

Free Auto Clicker is an all-in-one solution for tasks that require multiple clicks like gaming, software testing, or browsing web pages.

This tool effortlessly completes work on the user’s behalf in a lesser period.

The purpose of creating this tool is to enhance human-computer interaction and make the user’s experience worthwhile.

How does the free Auto Clicker work?

Free Auto Clicker app automates the mouse clicks that you have recorded and frees you from lots of effort you could put into manual mouse button clicks.

With the free clicker, you can easily record the script using its various features, making your system independent of catering to mundane work.

You can avail of the Free Auto clicker easily with just a one-click installation method and immediately get started!

Check out how an AutoClicker work.

Download Speed Auto Clicker.

Visit the Official AutoClickers site.

Download Free Auto Clicker

Download Free Auto Clicker

Click the direct download button below to start downloading the Free Auto Clicker safely.

You can also try this program if you want to automate a group of mouse actions at once.

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