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The Auto Key Clicker is a tool that is used to press the keyboard keys automatically while playing games or entering data.

Auto Key Clicker

It is indeed a very handy piece of software, especially for gamers.

The Key Clicker is a useful tool for PC users who do such work that requires repeated key pressing.

Key Clicker

If you are one of those users then the auto key presser will do the job for you!

Don’t miss out to test your keyboard skills for a better experience with the clicker.


Most games involve the repeated clicking of certain keyboard keys, using the key clicker at a high speed will help the users perform better.

The app allows users to enter the specified keys or key combinations that they need to press quickly and repeatedly.


Other than that, many Microsoft Office tasks require repeated clicking of certain keys.

Considering how boring manual keying-in can get, the auto key clicker can be a lot helpful.

It is one of the simplest and easiest automatic key-pressing tools.

Key Clicker for Gamers

No doubt, the greatest use of the key clicker is in games that require pressing the same button quickly and frequently.

Auto Clicker Games

Just install the program, configure the settings to feed in the specified keyboard keys that you want to be pressed, and let the tool run in the background while you keep playing your favorite game.


To install and use the clicker for games, you first need to download and install the program and the relevant files.

To do so, follow the following steps:

Step-1: First right-click on the Key Clicker and open the app on full screen.

Step-2: Confirm that you are using a PS/2-type keyboard.


Step-3: Once confirmed, click on the option which reads “Show me how to install additional files”.

Step-4: Follow the provided step-by-step guide for the procedure of using the Cliker for games.

If you are convinced that the Auto Key Clicker is indeed a wonderful tool for performing all types of computer tasks, then it is time to download it.

Following the above guidelines, install the program, then select the preferred hotkey, and specify the time delay and the number of auto clicks.

Now it is all set to begin.


The Auto Key Clicker is a great tool to perform all types of computer tasks with fast and frequent clicking.

For both gaming and office work, this is a perfect solution if you do not want to do the boring task of manual keyboard clicking.



Where can I download an Auto Key Clicker?

This free tool is offered by

You can find the app on this site and download it for free.

Once you have downloaded and installed it, automate the keyboard keys and set the program to work.

Is using an auto Key Clicker illegal?

The Auto Key Clicker, unless used for cheating purposes, is completely legal to use.

How can I start the auto key Clicker?

To begin the auto key-clicking, you can use the built-in start and stop keys of the program, or configure any other key from your keyboard for that purpose.

What are the disadvantages of auto Key Clicker?

Yes, just like all other utility software, the auto key clicker also has some drawbacks. The main disadvantage is that such key presser tools don’t allow users to schedule their recordings and it does not support multitasking.

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Learn more about how computer keyboards work.

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