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Auto Key Presser is an automatic keyboard clicker. It is a tool that is used to automatically press a key repeatedly and quickly.

A key Presser is a tool that is used to auto-press a key combination repeatedly.

It’s an ideal Auto Clicker tool for gaming with a DARK MODE user interface.

Key Presser

Auto Key Presser is an Auto clicker that is used to automatically generate keystrokes repeatedly and quickly.

Moreover, users can set or customize a hotkey to generate repeated and quick keystrokes on their keyboard.

Key Presser

The application also allows the users to configure the time difference between keystrokes and records, as well as their playbacks.

The Auto Keyboard Presser tools are simple and easy to use with a user-friendly graphical interface.

Moreover, they’re fast, efficient, and error-free mostly.

It is super easy to install, configure, and use, for all types of users.

The key presser starts and stops with a hotkey of your choice.

This program is entirely rewritten in C# programming language.

The AutoSofted Auto Key Presser and Recorder is a complete hotkey-compatible automation tool that is very simple to use.

This free auto keyboard button pressing tool enables users to control which keys keep getting pressed automatically.

Users can control how many times the specified keys get pressed and how long they have to wait between each key press.

The Key Presser can save a lot of your time, even though all it can do is just press the keys from your keyboard.

Auto Key Presser 0.0.7

Various games, personal tasks, or office tasks require repeatedly pressing a certain key or key combination continuously.

Users spend a great deal of their precious time and effort doing so.

Here the Auto Key Presser is the perfect solution for them.


The tool presses the required keyboard keys or buttons for the number of times that the user needs, automatically.

This makes the user feel relieved while doing this boring job.

The tool is bound to make all your computer-based tasks much easier.

The Key Presser can be downloaded and installed on all editions of Microsoft Windows OS.

Interestingly, the download size of the program and all the necessary files is very small and it does not take up too much storage space on the device.


  • Portable
  • Dark mode enabled
  • Automatically save settings
  • Auto key pressing
  • Store unlimited keystrokes
  • Set a time interval between each keystroke
  • Set how often to repeat the key pressing
  • Configurable Hotkey
  • Hotkey memory
  • Lightweight, straightforward, and occupies minimum RAM
  • Automate unlimited keystrokes to perform repetitive tasks
  • Configurable time intervals as per the task demand
  • Automation of a combination of keyboard keys i.e Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V
  • Free of cost


The Key Presser Auto Clicker has the following advantages:

  • Simple to understand
  • Easy to operate.
  • Works without interfering with the task you are doing.
  • Operates in the background increasing the overall efficiency of the system.
  • Support infinite keystrokes.
  • Compatible with all Windows and Macintosh OS editions.
  • Users can customize the time between each keystroke
  • Users can customize the number of key presses
  • Keyboard shortcuts to start and stop the action.
  • 100% free
  • Free from viruses, malware, and bugs.

Download Auto Key Presser

Download Auto Key Presser

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Learn using your keyboard.

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