MAC Auto Clicker | Macintosh Automation Tool Download [2023]

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MAC Auto Clicker is a simple, powerful, free, and easy-to-use Mouse Automation Utility for Mac. It is compatible with all macOSX versions.

MAC Auto Clicker

MAC Auto Clicker is a Simple, Easy, & Free tool for Mouse Automation.

It can automate clicking with both the Left & Right Mouse buttons.

The Clicker provides its users with multiple ways to start with.

MacOS Auto Clicker

It is a simple Auto Clicker for all types of users.

This cool clicker tool for MAC can generate both right and left clicks.

MAC Auto Clicker by is the best automation program for beginners.

It provides you with all the necessary PC automation features.

Users can manage the number of generated clicks at different time intervals.

They can also set auto-stop limits, and choose between left, right, or double clicks.

Moreover, users are not required to provide the exact number of seconds and milliseconds every time.

Auto Clicking

How do I make my MAC auto-click?

The Force Touch Trackpad lets users force clicks by pressing on it and applying more pressure.

Auto Clicking

This allows them to take advantage of the advanced functionality in many system applications and features on macOS.

How does a controlled mouse click on macOS?

Control-Click on a MAC is the same as the right-click on a Windows computer.

It is how you can open the shortcut or contextual menus on the system using macOS.

Control-click can be performed by pressing and holding the Control key while you click on a specific item.

For example, Control-clicking an icon, a window, the desktop, the toolbar, or other items.

MAC Auto Clicker Features

  • Hotkeys
  • Clicking Modes
  • Clicking Time
  • Compatibility
  • No Installation
  • Time Interval
  • Free and Open Source
  • Clean User Interface
  • Memory
  • No Ads
  • Low CPU Usage
  • OP AutoClicker 3.0
  • Two Modes of Auto Clicking
  • Right and Left Mouse Clicks
  • Number of Clicks
  • Number of Repetition
  • Clicking Options
  • Hotkey
  • Saves the Setting


  • Users can choose whether to follow the mouse cursor or start auto-click at a fixed spot
  • Users can set the number of times to click or leave as unlimited
  • Mouse button selection
  • Choose between single-clicking, double-clicking or triple-clicking
  • Change the default hotkeys
  • Hotkeys can also work while the application is running in the background
  • Settings are auto-saved including the last fixed location.
  • Free
  • Open Source
  • Clean UI
  • Low CPU resources usage
  • Portable
  • No advertisements
  • No Malware
  • Virus Free



How to get started with MAC Auto Clicker?

Set the time interval between mouse clicks.

Select the mouse button that you want to click with and the click type.

Set the click repeat mode and the number of automated clicks.

Select the spot on the screen where you want to start auto-clicking.

Hit the start button or use the prespecified hotkey (The default hotkey is F6) to start the clicking action.

How to set a shortcut?

Go to the Hotkey setting on the main panel.

Click the Start or Stop button on the Hotkey settings panel.

Press a keyboard key that you want to set as the hotkey, then click the “Ok” button.

How to refresh a web page automatically?

Set the time limit of how often you want to refresh the web page.

Set your left mouse button to click on the Refresh button.

Set the number of times you want the web page to be refreshed.

Get the position of the refresh button.

Now click the Start button or use the set shortcut key to start the automatic page refresh.

Download MAC Auto Clicker


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Version 2

Version 3

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