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Macro Recorder is a powerful automation tool for Windows & MAC to record mouse movements & clicks, keystrokes, & convert them to EXE files.

Auto Macro Recorder

The Auto Macro Recorder program has features that make it most suitable for gaming.

It is used to record macros of keystrokes and mouse clicks into a macro script that can be played back to automate repetitive actions.


For example, when you need to hold down a certain key in gaming, for running or moving, you can create a script for that and automate the action with a single activation of the hotkey.

Here we provide the best macro recorder tools for Windows and macOS.

It is not just a keyboard typing and mouse click recorder but a powerful automation tool as well.

It can also convert macros to executable .exe files.

This tool captures mouse events and keystrokes, allowing users to automate tedious procedures on their machines.

It records all the clicking steps in Visual Basic Applications (VBA) code.

Macro Recorder Program

These steps include:

  • Typing text
  • Typing numbers
  • Clicking cells
  • Clicking commands on the ribbon
  • Clicking commands on the menus
  • Formatting cells
  • Formatting rows
  • Formatting columns
  • Importing data from an external source, like, Microsoft Access.


Users can choose how many times to repeat the macro script or for what time interval they wish to repeat their macro script.

They can insert a certain time interval between the combination of clicks and keystrokes in their macro scripts.

The tool lets you press and hold a single key or a combination of keys continuously for a long specific time interval.


You can use keyboard hotkeys and a mouse click to start and stop the repetitive keystroke action.

The program can shut down the computer when the macro script has played for a set period.

Its latest version is compatible with most Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11 operating systems.

You can use the trial version before paying for the paid version to ensure that it suits your requirements.

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Is Macro Recorder free?

Simple Macro Recorder program is a free utility software for Windows.

How do I use Macro Recorder in Excel?

  • In the Code group on the Developer tab, simply click on the Record Macro button.
  • Optionally, name the macro script in the given name box
  • Enter a shortcut key in the given Shortcut key box
  • Enter a simple description in the Description box
  • Click OK to start macro recording

Where to download Macro Recorder?

Macro Recorder is available on for Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 11, and Apple macOS.

Play Record Stop

Windows installation

Download the Microsoft Windows installation file.

Download the Recorder by clicking on the download button given at the bottom of this post.

Double-click the setup file and follow the given on-screen instructions.

Now double-click the program file to launch the Macro Recorder program.

If you have already purchased a license, register it with the license key.

What key is used to start macro recording?

Press the macro recording key combination to start the program (typically fn + F9).

What is macro in audio?

A Macro is a sequence of commands or effects that are configured in a specific order which can be applied to audio projects or files, automatically.

Any built-in effects, LADSPA, LV2, Nyquist, VST, or Audio Unit (for macOS) in the Effect Menu can be added to a Macro file.

Is Macro Recorder safe?

There are no viruses in the Auto Macro Recorder program, we run automatic scans from time to time, so we can guarantee its safety.

You can add it to the white list to prevent your anti-virus software from blocking it.

We’re constantly working with anti-virus manufacturers to minimize false-positive alarms.


Is Auto Macro Recorder a bot?

A macro is nothing but a sequence of user-specified actions including mouse moves, keystrokes, and clicks, that can be replayed anytime as a script.

The primary purpose of all macro recorders is to do the work of replaying those macro scripts instead of a human.

It’s a bot that performs all the repetitive mouse and keyboard actions for you.

What is a macro in programming?

A macro in programming is a script of automated input sequences that imitate keystrokes and mouse actions.

It is a piece of programming code that runs in an MS Excel environment to automate routine tasks.

In other words, a macro script is a recording of the steps performed in Excel, which users can replay anytime using a single button.

Macro typically replaces a repetitive series of keyboard typing and mouse-clicking actions and it is often used in spreadsheets and text processing like MS Excel and MS Word.

What is the file type of Auto Macro Recorder?

Macro files have the file extension .mrf which is an abbreviation for Macro Recorder File.

What happens if a macro is played on small display dimensions?

When a macro script file is loaded on a PC that has a small display, the Macro Recorder tries to fit the into the available space.



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