Mouse Clicker Download | Auto Clicker PC [April 2023]

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Mouse Clicker is a software that allows auto-clicking without using a mouse. Set the time interval & select click type on the left or right mouse button.

Repeat mouse clicks using this free software application.

Users can break the most blocks in the Minecraft game easily with Mouse Clicker.

Mouse Clicker

Mouse Clicker

Mouse Clicker is a Free Mouse Auto Clicker Program that is simple to download, install and use.

It comes with easy-click settings to provide fast and fully automatic mouse clicks.

Set the mouse clicker software to auto-click at your selected time interval.

You can select the clicking options for the left or right mouse button.

This automatic mouse clicker tool is fast and can be configured to perform both single or double clicks.

Users can use keyboard keys to control, start and stop the clicker.

Just position the physical mouse cursor on the screen for click location and use the preset keyboard hotkey to start clicking.

When you start auto-clicking your favorite games such as Minecraft or WOW (World of Warcraft), a red target indicator is displayed, where the mouse will start clicking automatically.

The Mouse Clicker is a freeware that can easily be used by anyone for free.

Download Auto Clicker free download.

This Auto Mouse Clicker 2022 is an updated version of this tool.

This is the official website for all types of Auto Mouse Clickers.

Here you can download the updated and latest version of the Mouse Clicker.

Auto Mouse Clicker

Auto Mouse Clicker

An auto mouse clicker is a tool or a macro app that can automate your mouse clicking at selected points.

There can be many times when normal users or gamers need to automate their mouse.

It can be the requirement of the work you are doing, or you just want to increase the work speed.

In both cases, an auto clicker can help you to automate the clicks of certain screen points.

It is widely used for different types of applications and games when users need to repeatedly click on the screen for a specific time.

It is highly useful software for RPG video games where players need to do the same type of actions repeatedly to collect material rewards or gain experience.

Today, several mouse clickers are available on the internet.

The Mouse Clicker is a fast and efficient app that offers several other customizable elements.

How to use Mouse Clicker?

How to use Mouse Clicker

The Auto Mouse Clicker can easily be downloaded from this site.

Most of the clickers are available for free and are ready to be used as soon as you install them on your system.

Auto click software requires you to provide the coordinates or screen click points where the mouse clicks should happen.

You can do this by launching the clicker and recording all the mouse clicks first by manually performing them.

Once recorded, the program will save all those clicked positions in terms of the X and Y axis.

The mouse clicker is a very useful tool as it allows the user to automate the mouse clicks not only for one specific XY coordinate but a series of coordinates.

All these functionalities can also be combined to finish several operations at the same time.

Mouse Clickers can automate various assigned work and office work as well.

All these works require the users to perform the same number of mouse clicks at the same locations.


Mouse Clicker Applications

Mouse clickers are widely used in many industries, including video gaming, to automate various industrial operations.

Several versions of the Mouse Clicker are available for different Operating System platforms, such as Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac.

These tools allow you to avoid the daunting process of manually clicking multiple times where not much personal input is required.

The tool can automate the processing operation while you focus your attention on your important tasks.

There are many complex mouse clicker tools, which allow users to perform complex work.

These are highly efficient and customized clickers, primarily coded for specific clicking tasks with added functionality.



The mouse clicker can be downloaded from free of cost.

The program is maintained with time through regular updates and new functions.

Several auto-clicker tools display a toolbar to show the mouse clicks happening.

These programs are widely used to automate different mouse operations in video games, data entry, office work, etc.

By recording your input coordinates, you can customize the application to work with any task of your choice.

The click rates and click delays can be configured as per the users, to make sure that the auto-clicks are happening at a natural humane rate.

With mouse clickers, users can sit back hassle-free, and automate all their computer work easily.

Using Mouse Clicker

With the Mouse Clicker, you can freely automate the digital work process.

It also helps you in recording certain click points and making the software click on those set points instead of you or any human.

X-Y Coordinates

XY Coordinates

This tool can record the X and Y coordinates of your mouse clicks and work on them.

With the help of this Mouse Clicker tool, users can automate one or multiple types of clicks at the same time.

They can also record a list of these X-Y Coordinates and do the clicks instead of you.

Moreover, users can edit and change the auto mouse settings further according to their needs.

It is an extremely useful app for several office tasks as well as new and old video games.

Once you download the tool and start using it, you have to record the clicking points to automate the further clicks on those points.

To do this, you need to start the click recording with this app and then just move the cursor to the respective locations.

You need to press a hot key on the keyboard or simply use the physical mouse for a left click, to start the recording.

Users can either record one single click point or multiple points and connect them all to perform a specific task.

Once you record a point, its coordinate will be displayed on the software.

This Mouse Clicker also comes with features that allow users to save the click coordinates.

It can be a greatly useful piece of software when users don’t want to record the same points again and again.

In that case, they can just save up the X and Y coordinate list and use it repeatedly in the future.

Once all the required X and Y coordinates are listed, just sit back and let this amazing tool do all the work.

The clicker will work till you stop it or when it completes the number of clicks set by you.

Download Mouse Clicker

Download Mouse Clicker

Click the direct download button below to start downloading Mouse Clicker.


This Mouse Clicker is very easy to operate and can be used by anyone.

There are different versions of this program available so you have to choose the right one according to your work nature, either on Mac, Android, or Windows OS.

Mouse Clicker can assist you when you have to perform the same clicking task repetitively.

The tool will automate all the computer operations and allows you to focus on more important tasks.

Moreover, various specialized auto clickers are customized for a single specific task.

These tools come with specially added functionality to help users add more efficiency to the operation.

Download Auto Clicker APK.

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