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OG Auto Clicker is a small, portable & free tool by Original Gangsters for Windows. It is used by gamers, programmers, & software testers for auto mouse-clicking.

OG Auto Clicker

The OG auto clicker is one of the best auto clickers available in the market.

This tool offers two configuration types.

It lets you place your cursor or click the predefined screen location.

You can launch the clicker tool by clicking its default Hotkey F6.


OG Auto clicker features offer many cool features including Hotkeys selection, Click Recording, Click options, Repeating option, Click Interval, Random clicking, Schedule mode & Dark Mode.


Hotkeys & Record option

OG Auto clicker has a low CPU utilization even though it can make up to 500 or more clicks each second.

This software allows users to record a clicking routine.

It allows users to assign a pattern to particular hotkeys that can be used when required.

Users can also change those hotkeys at any time.

These selected hotkeys continue working even if the clicker app is running in the background.

You can use these features of hotkeys to automate all your mouse clicks in the software that you are using.

Click & Repeat options

Click & Repeat

OG AutoClicker allows users to choose whether to automate single, double, or triple mouse clicks.

When using the clicker, users can still follow the cursor.

It means they still have full control over the mouse cursor.

You can navigate to the position you want and set the cursor on a fixed spot as well.

Users can set the number of times a mouse click should be repeated.

This Auto-Clicking feature is called a “repeat count”.

Click Interval & Random Clicking

A repeat count of “1” means that the click will be repeated one time and so forth.

A repeat count of “0” means that the clicker will run for infinite mouse clicks.

Time Interval

Additionally, users can configure the time between these automated mouse clicks.

OG Clicker lets you set the auto clicks between the time ranges of milliseconds, seconds, minutes, and hours.

If the “Random click Interval” option is selected, the OG Auto clicker will start clicking randomly between the start and end times set by the user.

Schedule & Dark Mode

The OG Autoclicker allows users to schedule their mouse clicks.

The auto mouse-clicking functions start at a preset date and time.

You have the option to choose the mouse button you need to click.

You can automate all the right, left, or middle mouse clicks.

You can also apply the Dark mode in the Clicker according to your preference to make it more attractive.

Download OG Auto Clicker


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