OP Auto Clicker | OP Auto Clicker 3.0 Download [2023]

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OP Auto Clicker is a tool that is used to automate mouse clicks. Click the Auto Clicker Download button below to get the OP Auto Clicker 3.0 for free.

It is genuine automation software that allows you to automate mouse clicks safely using a key interval of your choice.

Tired of clicking while working or playing your favorite games?

OP Auto Clicker is the software for your needs!

We recommend using its latest version for the best results.

It is the trusted safe-to-use premium auto clicker program.

OP Auto Clicker

An Auto Clicker in general is a software that automates mouse-clicking without any or minimal effort on the user’s part.

OP Clicker does the same thing and allows users to automate clicks using the preferred key or interval of choice, safely!

Looking for a reliable Auto Clicker?

Done with mouse clicking for a day long?

You have this excellent tool that can help you ease the process of connecting by automating.

It comes with two different auto-clicking modes.

OP Auto Clicker 3.0

OP Auto Clicker is one of the most popular clicker software these days.

Download the latest version and use it with almost every game like Cookie Clicker, Roblox, and Minecraft.

This Clicker offers great flexibility with its various options.

Also, it allows you to customize multiple features, including:

  • Clicking delaying in hours, seconds, and minutes
  • Type of clicks that you want
  • Repetition of specified clicks
  • Position of the mouse cursor

OP Auto Clicker is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, so you do not have to worry about working on either of these two systems.

Download the software and configure it as you wish.

You have the complete freedom to set up the limits of this mouse clicker as per your requirements.

This fantastic clicker is perfect for all passionate gamers who can’t afford manual mouse-clicking several times and need to have an automated clicker application to save time.

It is not possible to perform millions of clicks in seconds manually.

It is the fastest mouse clicker ever, especially for MS Windows.

There are several pc games where you need a fast mouse clicker while playing, and the OP Auto Clicker satisfies the requirement.

As a gamer, you can enhance your gaming experience with this cool Auto Clicker.

Also, it comes with an option to set the click interval that helps you set up a particular time interval.

This automation tool has the best user experience with a simple and clean user interface.

It is very easy to set up for various click types depending on user requirements.

OP Auto Clicker 3.0

The first step is to download it to your PC from auto-clickers.com.

After that run the application in your system.

There’ll be several configuration options that you have to set up.

Set the delay time from hours to milliseconds as per your wish.

No matter what type of operation you perform set the clicking time accordingly.

Using OPAutoClicker

Set the delay time for a minimal amount as any human cannot do that while playing games.

Also, select the mouse button for creating automatic clicks according to your task.

Choose the number of automatic clicks you’d love to perform, whether it’s a single click, double click, or infinite click.

You have to stop the clicker manually if you want to set up the number of clicks as infinity.

Set the cursor’s position anywhere from the current cursor location to any X or Y coordinates appointment.

To activate the OP Auto Clicker, click on the F6 key.

You can also change all the hotkeys using the hotkey settings panel.

OP Auto Clicker is used for different purposes, not just for gaming but also for other data entry works where you need to do lots of mouse clicks.

You won’t feel its uniqueness and usefulness unless you install it and have a fantastic working experience.

Gamers would have to struggle while playing certain games where they do repeated clicks in a particular position or collect reward materials.

In Minecraft gameplay, gamers need to make repeated mouse clicks, and op AutoClicker plays a vital role there.

Also, using this tool, you can easily multitask by configuring it properly to do the tasks.

OP Clicker would be convenient to use for all those who just sit to perform clicks on a repeat.

Moreover, users get the freedom to customize the UI for the software.

OP AutoClicker Benefits

Using OP Auto Clicker users can enjoy numerous technical benefits:

Users can select the spot and place the cursor to keep clicking in a specific time interval.

You can select the spot as a fixed point or at any specific X and Y coordinates.

OP Auto Clicker Benefits

Not just it automates the mouse clicks, but you can set different keyword clicks to automate them and it can also be used to type different types of text lines.

You have complete freedom to set up the number of clicks you want to make just from a single mouse click to infinite clicks.

Users also get the option to record and playback the clicks.

Users can use the mouse button of their choice for the automated click.

The hotkeys can also easily be changed by the users at any time whenever as per their convenience.

Hotkeys can still be used, even when the application is running in the background.

Settings are saved automatically, you just have to set the settings accordingly, including the spot location.

The OP Auto Clicker software is highly portable.

The CPU resource usage of the OP Auto Clicker is minimum as compared to other clickers.

You can get this unique and open-source clicker for free


Installing the clicker is something you should not worry about since it is a portable software and ready for use.


All you need to do is just open and run the downloaded file.

Once you launch the software, you’ll be observing a very simple and easy-to-understand User Interface, with lots of customization and configuration options to choose from.


For the time being, the OP clicker is the only Windows-compatible tool.

OP AutoCliker Compatibility

The good thing is that the OP clicker can be used with the following Windows variants:

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista


OP Auto clicker offers lots of unique features that even some premium clickers might lack.

Here we are listing the features and settings that you’ll in thee in the OP Auto Clicker software:

Clicking Options

Clicking options allow users to choose from the specific clicks to use the op clicker with.

By specific it means, either right, left, or the middle mouse clicks and Scroll as well in most cases).

The next setting in the clicking options is “Click repeat”, here you need to select your desired number of clicks or select the option of “click until stopped”.

By default, it’s set on the “Repeat Until Stopped” option.

It means that the Auto Clicker will always be running and it will stop only with the toggle key that you set.

The default time for clicking is set to 100 milliseconds.

Set the time interval depending on your overall usage requirements.



The default toggle key set for starting the OP Auto clicker is the F6 function key, but you can easily change it as per your preferences.

To change the default toggle hotkey, click on the HotKey Settings button given in the bottom left corner of the program.

Now click on the start/stop option and just tap the key from your physical keyboard that you want to set as the new toggle key.

Click Recording & Playback

“Click Recording & Playback” is another handy feature of the OP Auto Clicker.

Using this feature, you can easily record and playback all your mouse clicks on different points on the screen, and then replay them all again.

Why OP Auto Clicker?

The latest OP Auto Clicker 3.0 version is simple and easy-to-use automation software.

It comes with a wide range of customization features.

Some of the key features of this tool are:


Safety is always the number one concern for all pc and phone users.

The OP Auto Clicker 3.0 doesn’t bring any additional bloatware to your system and as per our software security tests, it doesn’t introduce any malware or viruses to your computer.

Moreover, there are no annoying pop-up ads or other advertisements.


All these automation services and features of OP au to clicker are provided free of cost.

You just need to download the official application and start using it right away, you won’t be charged a single penny.

User-friendly Design

The application is optimized enough to provide you with the best experience of all the auto-clicker functions with the lowest CPU usage.

Moreover, the User Interface offers all types of settings on a single page, so you don’t need to search for different menus.

Settings are autosaved

The setting which you set for a particular task or a project remains saved and reusable even when you close the software.

Why OP AutoClicker


OP Auto Clicker becomes more useful while playing games, especially first-person shooting pc games.

With this clicker tool, you can increase the shooting speed and outperform any competition with ease.

But keep in mind that the OP AutoClicker might give you some unfair advantages in games, which is unethical.

Hence, some developers already have banned the usage of all Auto Clickers.

It is quite a difficult task to get free and safe Auto Clicker software.

OP Auto Clicker software is best for gamers and those who need to save time and effort.

This Auto Clicker is not a useless thing at all!

It is a straightforward software that helps you to do various complicated things involving repeated mouse-clicking, like winning a prize, coupon, or more.

To download OP AutoClicker, the official website of Auto Clickers that is auto-clickers.com is highly recommended.

It is always better for any utility software to download from a credible place rather than any fake third-party sources to avoid any technical issues or bugs.

So, click on the orange download button given below that says “download”, to start downloading this fast and free mouse clicker.

You can also download it from the SourceForge link, where the download will start automatically once you clicked on the download button.

Alternatives to OP Auto Clicker

There are lots of Auto Clicker programs available over the web that are designed for different purposes and they work with some specific clicker games.

Here we are listing some of the famous general-purpose and free auto clickers that are alternatives to OP Auto Clicker.

  • GS Auto Clicker
  • MurGee Auto Clicker
  • Speed Auto Clicker
  • Fast Auto Clicker
  • AutoClicker Pro
  • PTFB Pro AutoClicker
  • Free Auto Clicker
  • Mouse Clicker
  • Macro AutoClicker


Convenience is something that we all need, and auto clickers are simple automation tools that help us in repetitive clicking tasks.

The OP Auto clicker along with its many features is considered 100% safe and virus-free software.

OP Clicker is Lightweight, and easy-to-understand too, and also offers some basic to advanced customization features for free.

Thus, in this article, we have tried our best to explain how to use an Auto-Clicker, especially the OP Auto-Clicker with ease.

If you follow our step- by step guidelines, you shall be able to run the tool without any hassles.

If still, you got any doubts, you may ask your query in the comments section below, and we shall be happy to help you.

Now stop waiting and get your work automated with OP Auto Clicker!

Ready to auto-click?

OP Auto Clicker Download

OP Auto Clicker Download

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PurposeGaming Software

Click the auto clicker download button below to get the latest op auto clicker for free.

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