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Continuous clicking while working or playing your favorite games is tiring. OP Clicker is the software for your needs! It is a safe-to-use premium auto clicker available for free.

OP Clicker is a tool that automates mouse-clicking without any or minimal effort by the user.

OP Clicker allows you to automate clicks safely with the set interval of your choice and that too.

You can download this software from the official AutoClicker site auto-clickes.com.

It is always better to download it from a credible site rather than from third-party sources to avoid any issues.


OP Clicker

You don’t need to worry about installing this tool as it is portable and ready to use.

You just need to open and run the downloaded file.

When you click to open the file, you’ll be welcomed with a simple and easy-to-use user interface, with many options to select from.


OP Auto clicker is only Windows-compatible software.

But you can use the OP clicker if you are using any of the following Windows variants:

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista

OP Auto clicker offers unique features that lots of premium software might lack.


Here are the features and settings of this software:

Clicking Options

Clicking options allow users to choose the specific clicks they want.

Clicking Options

You can choose from right, left, middle-click and scroll too.

The next clicking option is “Click repeat”, you need to select your desired number of clicks or select “Click until stopped”.

By default, the click repeat is set to “Repeat Until Stopped”.

This means that the auto clicker will start or stop with the option you selected.

The default clicking interval is set to 100 milliseconds.

So, set the interval according to your usage requirements.



The default toggle to activate the Auto clicker is F6, but you can change it as per your needs.

To change the default toggle, click on the “HotKey Setting” in the bottom left corner of the tool.

Click on the start or stop option and tap on the key that you want to set a new toggle.

Playback & Record

“Playback & Record” is a handy feature of the OP Auto clicker.

Users can record and playback their clicks on different locations, and then replay them to mimic their movements.


Safety is always the most important concern for all users.


The OP Auto Clicker 3.0 doesn’t come with any bloatware and it doesn’t introduce any viruses to your system.

There are no annoying pop-ups and advertisements as well.


All these features and services are provided for free.

Just download the application and start using it without paying a single penny.

User-friendly Design

The Auto Clicker application is well-optimized to provide you with the experience of all the auto-clicking functions with minimal CPU resource usage.

Moreover, the User Interface offers all settings on a single page, so you don’t need to look for multiple menus.

Settings are saved

The settings for a particular project remain saved and reusable even after closing the app.


OP Clicker can come in handy with all games, especially first-person shooting games.


It allows users to increase their shooting speed and outperform the competition easily.

Keep in mind that the Clicker might give you an unfair advantage in gaming.

Hence, some game developers already have banned the use of all auto-clickers.


OP Clickers is a little software program that helps in making repetitive clicking tasks more convenient.

It is not only considered completely safe to use, virus-free software, but it also offers lots of AutoClicking features.

The Lightweight design, easy-to-use UI, and many other advanced features are offered by this tool for free.

If you still have doubts about the safety and viruses, reading user reviews and testing it by yourself is always recommended.

Download OP Clicker

Download OP Clicker

Now download the latest OP Clicker and get all your work automated within seconds!

Learn about How to Click.

Download the latest versions of OP Auto Clicker and OP Auto Clicker 3.0 for free.

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